2019 Mission Dates Posted - Apply Today!  Apply Now for the 2019 Global Health Volunteers Medical and Surgical Missions to Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru and Haiti!

VOLUNTEERS SERVE IN VARIOUS ROLES Everyone is welcome to apply.

Primary Care Missions to Peru, Guatemala, Haiti and Jamaica:

Primary Care Providers, Podiatrists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Pharmacy Staff, Nurses, CNA's, EMTs, Lab Techs, Medical Interpreters and General Support Staff for logistics, supply management, computer input. If you can count to 30, you can help!

Surgical Missions to Peru:

Anesthesiologists, Pediatric General and Reconstructive Surgeons; Adult Surgeons for Gynecology, General, Reconstructive, Podiatric and Ophthalmology.  Surgery Staff, including CRNA's; RNFAs, Surgical PA/RN/Tech staff; PACU Staff, and Medical Interpreters are needed.

Missions to Haiti, Guatemala and Peru:  

Volunteers who are fluent / conversational in the local language (Peru & Guatemala: Spanish – Haiti: Haitian Kreyol) are especially needed to serve on these teams.


Application Process for all Medical / Surgical Missions

In addition to the clinical skills requiring a licensed medical professional, all of our teams need team members with various skills, including those with organizational skills, bi-lingual skills, supply management and clerical skills as well as teaching skills.  Persons fluent in the main language of the country being served are especially encouraged to apply.

Applicants should be in good health and at least 20 years old. College students who are fluent in Spanish are encouraged to consider the Guatemala and Peru Missions. 

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO APPLY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.  Teams are often filled 6 months or more before the mission.

There is no calendar deadline for applications for any of the missions.  We will continue to accept applications until all team positions have been filled. Every effort will be made to make sure that all applicants receive notice of their status as soon as possible.  New applicants who send in a completed application may be invited to take part in a phone conversation.  Applicants are encouraged to prioritize their choices.  We may need you to consider a mission other than your first choice.

All applicants who are accepted to be on a team are expected to participate in the pre-mission Orientation meeting.

Applications and all the required attachments should be mailed to the address on the last page of the application.


If you are interested in Volunteering:

  • Download an application
  • Review the Mission Schedule and Overview on the application
  • Complete the PDF Application or Word Application form
  • Supply the required attachments & mail the application.
  • Be available for a phone or personal interview.