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Chulucanas, Peru - October

Each October, 40 or more Global Health Volunteers served on the GHV Surgical Team in Chulucanas. The surgical program is operated from the general hospital in Chulucanas and our teams work side-by-side with Peruvian medical professionals in a mutually collaborative environment. The surgical services provided include: Gynecology, General Surgery, Reconstructive Pediatric Plastic surgery, Ophthalmology, and Podiatry. Cases include severe burns, cleft palates and lips, physical deformities, hernias, pterygiums and cataracts, uterus prolapses, diseased gallbladders and more.  GHV is connected to a number of quality, reliable physicians and facilities who provide the required follow up care for our patients. Our outcome statistics are excellent.  In addition to all the medical professionals required in the OR and PACU, general supply and support staff, we need bio-medical techs and bi-lingual OR and PACU nurses, P.A.s and Surgical Techs. TEST

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"You're serving the poorest of the poor and the appreciation you see in their eyes - it's very fulfilling, very rewarding." Volunteer, Peru