2020 Mission Dates Posted - Apply Today!  Apply Now for the 2020 Global Health Volunteers Medical and Surgical Missions to Jamaica, Guatemala, Peru and Haiti!

Promoting transformation:

Our program works! Our volunteers have treated and helped educate thousands of people in Haiti, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and Jamaica through:

  • Primary healthcare services.
  • Dental and optometry clinics.
  • General, gynecological, orthopedic, plastic, podiatric, and ophthalmic surgeries.
  • Educational programs for community health promoters, nurses, surgeons and midwives.
  • Health education from primary through university level.
  • Collaborative efforts on potable water and water treatment systems and clean water education.
  • Educational and community development programs in hygiene, first aid, diagnostics, wound care, eye health, disease prevention and disease management, CPR, women's and children's health, occupational therapy, sanitation, healthy lifestyles, and more.

In addition to donating medicines, medical supplies and equipment as well as providing medical and surgical services, one of the most important services we can provide is patient and community health education. Our in-country partners are committed to helping their communities build healthier, sustainable communities and they know this can be accomplished with education. 

Our health education methods are guided by two factors. First, we ask our in-country partners if there are any specific topics that need to be taught. Second, we analyze and determine the most prevalent illnesses or problems in a particular area and focus the education accordingly. In Jamaica and Haiti, high blood pressure and diabetes are issues of major concern. Our physicians and nurses provide one on one teaching with patients regarding prevention, treatment, and strategies to cope with these illnesses.  This form of teaching allows our medical professionals to determine each person’s individual needs and level of knowledge in order to provide more effective and personalized instruction. 

Global Health Volunteers will continue sending medical and surgical teams to provide medicine, supplies, and equipment that the communities cannot access. At the same time, we will continue to make every effort to work toward the ultimate goal of self-sustainability.